To Promote Performing Arts and Cultivate Creative Education

  • re-inventing the corporate identity by supporting one of the most innovative arts group in HK
  • nurturing our society for the embracement of pluralism in arts and culture
  • joint force in theatre and cultural exchange, educational projects and outreach
  • participation in creative experimentation and innovative creation

For seven amazing weeks in this autumn, the Architecture is Art Festival creates a time in which all of us can feel the ‘real time real space’.

The Festival present over 80 events across all art forms, hosts over 150 international, national and local artists and reaches an audience of more than 600,000. This is an amazing achievement for one of the most isolated cities in the world.

We invite you to support our Festival by making a personal contribution to our donation scheme from generous individuals is essential in helping the Festival plan for the future, deliver a thought provoking artistic program and provide a platform for the creative aspiration of our artists.

Donation scheme for student matinee of Liberal Studies and Drama Appreciation Programmes

In order to put creativity in the heart of the education process, and to help young people develop a broad-based vision, Zuni has designed the Student Drama Appreciation Program for secondary school students. Under this scheme, Zuni dedicatesperformance(s) of each of its productions and post-performance talks to the students, whowould be exposed to various types of performing arts. A donation of just HK$1,000allows 8 students to attend the performance. This scheme is supportedby donation from foundations, companies and public-minded individuals. The greater thecontribution, the more young people can benefit from the scheme.

To show our gratitude to your support, Zuni is most happy to include your name in our House Program and Annual Report.

*Donations over HK$100 are tax deductible.

To make a donation, you can download a donation form to post or fax back to us.

Enquiries please contact Ms Chow at (852) 2893-8704 or bowie@zuni.org.hk 

Be a Volunteer

You are interested in performing arts/ cultural studies?
You have passion in backstage work?
You are curious about Zuni Icosahedron? 
You are welcomed to join our voluntary force if you are aged 18 or above.

“Architecture is Art Festival”is a large scale festive which last for seven weeks with difference program and event. We need your volunteering work to make it done, hurry to join us to celebrate it great even!

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